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main purpose
future steps

Future steps the DJG will take

What are the steps that the DJG will take

We will continue to organise talks and discussions on economic as well as on scientific topics. We want to encourage small and larger companies to start business in Japan and to look for cooperation partners. For this purpose these companies require advice and support. The society can help them to find people who are experienced with Japan. We also want to attract Japanese companies to settle in the Aachen region. We also will take care of Japanese scientists and their families, when they come to Aachen and start a sabbatical or another kind of stay at our university. We will also try to enhance the exchange of our students with leading Japanese universities. In September of this year a delegation headed by the rector (president) and managing director of our university will visit Japan to sign new cooperation contracts with Japanese universities. We hope that through these measures more Japanese students will come to Aachen and more of our students will do some of their studies in Japan.

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